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Hodgdon announced today that they launched a 9.5 meter (31'2") Venetian Limousine tender and an 8.0 meter (26'3") Venetian Center Console tender. Both were designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design of Sarasota, Florida and will be delivered early next year to a shipyard in Germany.

The Limousine features mirrored windows that electrically raise and lower, port and starboard hull side doors that swing open for easy aft side boarding, and a power roof that lifts for full headroom height. The luxury cabin - with heat and air conditioning - feels spacious and allows for comfortable seating for up to twelve guests. The Center Console tender matches the look of the Limousine. The design, layout, and performance capabilities have been tailored specifically for guest beach use and water sports.

"We're thrilled to be delivering two more high-quality tenders and beginning the construction of others," said Audrey Hodgdon, Director of Sales & Marketing. "Each of these builds have a number of unique features based upon client requests and have been designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind."

Upon delivery, Hodgdon's dedicated Service and Support team will re-commission the tenders and provide crew training.


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